bring BIM data
to the construction site


Invention Design 4th semester with Niko Mang & Marius Schairer

Our project combines augmented reality cloud technologies and Building Information Modeling to create a digital overlay of the real world, called the AR Cloud. This virtual space is precise to the millimeter and corresponds to real space. BIM is a software-based approach for planning, constructing, and managing buildings and structures by digitally modeling and integrating all relevant building data.


Focus on 3D Animation, Prototyping, Planning, Modelling, Collaboration

BIM is gaining importance in the construction industry as it helps speed up planning, simulate construction processes, and detect potential issues. Our research has shown that construction workers often lack access to BIM planning data, which limits their ability to participate in technological advancements.


The video showcases the application of Artis in our prototype. The goal of the project was to make data access for planners and craftsman more stress-free and straightforward.