Buddie is a search platform for designers that provides quick solutions to various problems. This allows users to discover different solutions within one platform without getting lost in the multitude of help options.

Buddie helps Designers...

6th semeser project with Marla Wagner, Marc Rufeis

Buddie was born out of the idea of finding ways to streamline designers' workflows and prevent frustration from trying out new things that no longer work due to outdated software or tutorials.

By providing instant assistance in the form of helpful tutorials and results, Buddie eliminates the need for designers to sift through countless forums, Google, or outdated help pages.

For a better workflow...

With Buddie, designers can stay focused on their work without being slowed down by technical issues.
The Buddie project was also part of the Push UX exhibition 2022 in Munich.


3 Steps to solve your design problems...


You can search for solutions using natural language in the search bar. Under "Trendy now," you can find posts tailored to the user, and "Trend" is presented in the form of flipcards.

IBM Watson

We used IBM Watson for the technical implementation. This is a computer program in the field of artificial intelligence that crawls content from the linked platforms and displays them as results.


You can view the results as an axis or list view. In the axis view, filters are shown as tags and sliders, allowing you to adjust the weighting of the filter by using the tag as a slider, leading to different results being displayed.