3rd semester

Plantarium is a modular hydroponic irrigation system suitable for home growing. It allows you to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round.

Benefits of growing your vegetables with an automatically hydroponic plant system.

save up to 90% water
save up to 85% fertilizer
faster growing


Our system is unique because of its modular construction, concept and automation. Planetarium is supported by an app, from which you can get information about the status of individual modules or the whole system, no matter where you are.

Modules that let you grow your vegetables at home

Light Modules

The light module provides your plants with perfectly simulated sunlight and warmth 24/7. It can be adjusted to the growth of the plants, and can be hung on the desired level.

Basic Module

The Basic Module comes with controls, a wind shaft, and a basic framework, all designed to fit the standard kitchen dimensions. It also offers five levels for your plants.

Automation Module

The Fertilizer Module provides customized nutrition to herb and vegetable modules, enabling them to grow twice as fast. The app allows you to monitor and control fertilizer consumption at any time.

Our system

3rd Semester with Marius Schairer, Ligia Dietze, Maximilian Becht

Our system is unique due to its modular construction, concept, and automation. Planetarium is supported by an app that provides information about the status of individual modules or the whole system, regardless of your location.

App control

Focus: App, Prototyping, Ui, IoT

The app allows you to set up and manage your home garden with information about the Plantarium at any time and place.

Features include creating a garden, configuring plant modules via barcode scanning, monitoring water usage and plant growth levels, accessing detailed module information, and tracking plant growth stages and harvest times.

Additional settings include adding modules and setting sleep schedules.