For more safety
for bicyclists.

What is ride safe?

A wearable for bicyclists, to participate more safely in road traffic and to be able to park their bicycle securely.

Ride Safe includes


The turn signal module on the handlebars allows for controlling the turn signals on the wearable device.


The wearable device is equipped with a lock, alarm, LED stripes, and reflectors. The wearable device is worn like a hip belt.


The location of the bike can be accessed at any time through the app. If any unusual activity is detected, the user will be notified.

More safety for riders and their bikes

Final Bachelor thesis project with Marla Wagner

Safety for bicyclists in road traffic, sophisticated theft protection, and a user-friendly app were the topics of our bachelor's thesis. The wearable is designed for all bicyclists who wish for more safety in road traffic and want to park their bicycle anywhere without worry.

In recent years, the bicycle industry has experienced a veritable "boom", which has led to a seven-fold increase in the number of cyclists on the road since 2014. The trend of using the bicycle as an active means of transportation plays a significant role in our current society and is becoming increasingly important.

The aim of our bachelor's thesis is to fill both the safety gaps for bicyclists in road traffic and to protect the bicycle itself. What is special about our product is that we have combined the bicycle lock with navigation aids for road traffic.

Building and testing the prototype

Focus: Prototype, App, Renderings, Reallife Testing, Product Design

The user wears the wearable device like a belt around the waist while riding. This eliminates the need for the hassle of hanging common locks around the handlebars or frame.

Key Features of Ride safe to improve safety of riders

Turn Signal

The cyclist can announce their turns at any time through the module on the handlebar. When the user selects a direction on the module, a running turn signal is animated on the wearable device in the direction chosen by the user.

Automatic Brakelight

An automatic brake light detects when the user is braking on the bike through an acceleration sensor. Once braking occurs, the brake light is automatically activated and signals to other road users that the bike is slowing down

Lock / Alarm

To park the bike, the user simply needs to remove the wearable from their waist and lock the bike. Once the lock is closed, the alarm mode is automatically activated and the user will be notified of the bike's status through the app at all times.



The Ride safe app is an innovative solution that allows cyclists to monitor the status and location of their bikes at all times. By leveraging Apple's Find My network, our user-friendly app makes it easy to keep tabs on your bike and receive automatic notifications if anyone tries to steal it.

With Ride Safe, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bike is always secure, no matter where you go.