Ride Safe

The Wearable Ride Safe is designed for all cyclists who wish to have more safety on the road and want to park their bike anywhere without worries. Safety for cyclists on the road, advanced theft protection, and a user-friendly app were the focus of our bachelor's thesis.


Plantarium is a modular hydroponic irrigation system for home growing with a unique modular construction, automation, and an accompanying app for remote monitoring.


The AR Cloud is a virtual copy of the physical world that overlays onto it. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a software-based approach for managing buildings and structures by creating a digital model with all relevant data.


Buddie is a search platform that quickly delivers multiple solutions for designers without overwhelming them with excessive resources.

My YouTube journey so far..



My YouTube videos achieved over 3.149.352 views and over 20.000.000 impressions.



My channel has already gained 13,890 subscribers.



Additionally, my videos have accumulated over 133 thousands hours of watch time.

What editing and creating means to me

Video production and editing has been a lifelong passion of mine and is definitely my hobby.

It all started with action-packed downhill videos where I captured my biking experiences. Three years ago, I started a YouTube channel in the gaming niche. Alongside my studies, I have consistently improved my editing skills and produced videos for my YouTube channel.

Tools I use to bring my creative ideas to life.

Projects I'm involved in or
have worked on.